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Best Bass Gear sells premium pickups, preamps and accessories for electric basses. We feature most of the top names in the industry, including: Bartolini, Nordstrand, Delano, Aguilar, John East, EMG, Lindy Fralin, DiMarzio, Leo Quan, Hipshot, Babicz, Ken Smith Strings, Thomastik-Infeld and others.

Want the same electronics used in a Fodera bass?
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The same ultra-high-quality preamp electronics used in Fodera basses can be in your bass

The Michael Pope Flexcore preamp, available in over 30 different configurations from 3 knobs up the way up to 7 knobs using 1 to 4 bands, was originally only offered exclusively on exotic Fodera bass instruments...

...but you can get the same ultra-high-quality preamp electronics for your bass no matter who made it. You can enjoy the amazing preamp build quality voiced to keep the natural tonal character of your bass, and all you need is a control cavity of 1.25-inch (32mm) for installation of the controls.

Many bassists sing the praises of the Michael Pope Flexcore preamp. Find out why. Get yours today.

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