Faerie Magazine - Breaking faerie news: A Faerie Queen and other springtime delights!

Breaking faerie news: A Faerie Queen and other springtime delights!
Hello friends!

We hope you've had a gorgeous week. We're having an especially lovely (and hectic) day here at Faerie Magazine headquarters with the wedding this eve of founder/publisher Kim Cross's daughter Kirsten, who's marrying her one true love at an enchanted spot in Baltimore (though most spots in Baltimore are)! Here is the happy couple:
And, while were at it, here's Kim with both her daughters (Heidi is the younger lass!) back in the day. You can clearly see that Kim's dreaming of starting enchanted magazines whilst sporting fashionable sunglasses and wrangling fairies of her own. We are impressed!
Speaking of mothers and daughters, and in celebration of Mother's Day and proud mamas everywhere, we wanted to reshare this photo that went viral when we first posted it last year. Photographer Marsha Steckling sent us these images of her 80-year-old mother Sharron Rhoads in her truest Fairy Queen form:
Isn't she wonderful? Deputy editor Grace Nuth recently asked Marsha a few questions about the shoot (and was secretly trying to ascertain Sharron's fairy secrets):
Is that your dog? Hers?
No, the dog belongs to someone in my neighborhood and they happened to be walking by while we were taking photos. The dog was very curious about my mother and he had to walk over to meet her.  It was quite funny because on our walk to the park, long before seeing the dog, my mom said that we should have gotten a white wolf for the photos. Shortly thereafter, the dog showed up!

Who created the costume? Both of you together? 
I created the costume. She did her makeup. I found the vintage style dress by Papillon at a local boutique. The outer garment was found at a local consignment shop with this project in mind. I also found the costume jewelry at a local store. I made the headpiece out of strands of beads and the wrist decorations out of fabric, lace and ribbon. I made the thin brown fairy wings out of grapevine from my back yard. The green and white fairy wings came from a costume shop. The skull used with the walking stick is probably a deer skull that I found near my home right after a disastrous flood that hit my town in 2013. (The 100 year flood in Boulder, Colorado). I used an overly on the photos via Photoshop, for a vintage look. The overlays were made from blank vintage book pages (not made by me, these were made by Parker Pfister). 

What is the appeal of the Fairy Queen to you? To her? And how would you describe her character?
The Fairy Queen in my mind was one of many characters in different stories and in artwork. I was attracted to her because I thought she was powerful and kind and that she protected the other fairies. I think as a child I would see images of the Fairy Queen and think of how beautiful, powerful and magical she was.

My mom thinks of the Fairy Queen as a character in many different stories as well and correlates her with the Snow Queen--a kind of fierce yet beautiful character.

What message were you trying to convey with these portraits?
Beauty, strength and wisdom at any age. I wanted to create an artistic, vintage and magical image of my mother that showed her beauty, strength and wisdom. I also wanted to show that you are never too old to play dress up or to create new art.

Did either of you have a favorite fairy tale growing up? One she read to you that you loved, or one that her mother read to her?
My mom’s favorite fairy tale growing up was The Snow Queen, along with Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and Snow White. My favorite fairy tale was probably Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast. She read the same fairy tale books to me that her mother read to her and she still has the books. 
Maybe reading fairy tales is the secret to luxurious Fairy Queen futures? Marsha also mentioned in her initial email to us that "We both enjoy Faerie Magazine and are always inspired by the photos therein" so actually we'd like to take full credit.

In other news, we've stocked up on a few items that have been sold out, so wanted to let you know that we are once again rich in edible orchid (with white chocolate pearls) coconut-flavored lollipops, as one should always be: 
And Midnight Blooms edible viola lollipops for you darker yet still sugar-loving souls:
We also have in more dandelion wish necklaces, which were snatched up almost immediately when we first posted them:
And these skeleton color-changing leaf hair combs that might change your life:
We'd also like to mention this hare box, which seems like the courteous thing to do (especially since Steve Parke photographed him so alluringly):
We are also generously re-stocked up on migraine balm, which is always important:
And we might as well show you, on this day of celebrating love, the close relationship that's formed between our two coloring books:
And finally, we are wrapping up the summer issue of Faerie Magazine, which should arrive to you some time in June if you're a subscriber (if you're not, you can fulfill your innermost desires and subscribe here: http://www.faeriemag.com)! We'll send a separate email to subscribers, but if you've changed your address in the last few weeks or months, please email us at info@faeriemag.com and let us know.

We'll share our gorgeous new cover with you next week! But here's another quick peek (in a photo of Jessica Dru from Ether and Smith):
And did we mention that we'll also be including a little interview with Francesca Lia Block (not to mention some Alice Hoffman mermaids)?

With all our love (and Happy Mother's Day wishes!),
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