Faerie Magazine - Breaking faerie news: Alice Hoffman & Lisa Hoffman faerie knitting retreat, new flower earrings, more summer outtakes, and a sumptuous fairy bower!

Breaking faerie news: Alice Hoffman & Lisa Hoffman faerie knitting retreat, new flower earrings, more summer outtakes, and a sumptuous fairy bower!

And happy Tuesday! We have some lovely summery delights for you today, not least of which is the upcoming Faerie Knitting retreat with Alice and Lisa Hoffman in Stephentown, NY, two hours north of White Plains, based on their gorgeous Faerie Magazine column (which we've featured in every issue since autumn 2015! If you missed any, check out our back issues here and use code BACKISSUE50 to get 50% off! To get the next one, subscribe here). It's a two-day retreat from July 31-August 1 and hosted by the Ethelridge Road Knitting Salon, with Lisa teaching a range of lace techniques and guiding you as you knit a Blue Heron Shawl (which was their first design for Faerie Magazine, pictured below) and Alice reading one of her fairy tales and leading a writing workshop on short story and fairy tale writing. They'll also discuss their collaboration for Faerie Magazine and plans for a NEW BOOK featuring their joint creative talents--and based on their column!

Here's the magical shawl:
And here's where the retreat takes place. Click here for more info and to register! (You do have to know how to knit to do the retreat, though we imagine you could just lollygag on that patio or lie on that grass under the dappled light, too, whilst dreaming of other worlds.)

In other news, check out these new fuchsia flower earrings we just got in:
And we've restocked the popular belladonna, aurora, winter blossom, and spring goddess flower earrings, too, for your flower earring wearing pleasure.
In other news, and in keeping with our summer magic kind of mood, look at these gorgeous "Fairy Bower" shots by art director/wood nymph Lisa Gill. Even if you're working indoors all day like we are today, hopefully these photos transport you for a moment to the enchanted midsummer wood!
Please note Charles Vess's Walking through the Landscape of Faerie (available here) hanging out demurely on this velvety chair:
Isn't that beautiful?

And then, last but not least, Firefly Path has been sharing individual outtake shots of all six fairies from our gorgeous cover shoot for the upcoming summer issue, and we've been sharing them on our Facebook page and Instagram feed, too. Here are the first three members of Titania's Faerie Court!

This is Mustardseed Fairy (aka Vanessa Walton), who plucks ferns and plum roses to adorn herself:
Here's Peasblossom Fairy (aka Jaden Lebel). Fluffy ferns and Rosegold blossoms grow across her to create her gown:
This is Cobweb Fairy (aka Dre Ronayne), who chooses shadow and dewdrops her to create her gown:
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