Faerie Magazine - Breaking faerie news: extended solstice savings and a new show from Stephanie Law!

Breaking faerie news: extended solstice savings and a new show from Stephanie Law!

We hope you're having an enchanted day!

So we've been hearing from so many of you, and are so excited about our new summer issue which is just wending its way into the world now (it should be in Barnes & Noble by next week, and in subscriber hands soon!), that we're extending our 15% off subscription sale until June 21, the summer solstice.
That's 15% off of all new regular subscriptions, gift subscriptions, and renewals! (If you're a current subscriber and aren't sure when your subscription ends, email us at info@faeriemag.com and we'll get right back to you!).

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Also, here's one of the first copies of our new issue, hanging out in a park:
In other news, here's a wide resin bangle embedded with blue flowers as all the best wide resin bangles are:
Unless, of course, they contain magical forests:
We're also excited to tell you about a brand new show, "Metamorph," opening on Saturday at the Krab Jab Studio in Seattle and featuring the work of faerie artist Stephanie Law, whose art we featured in our spring "Warriors & Goddesses" issue. Here's that piece by Jill Gleeson:
You might have colored some of Stephanie's artwork in our Winged Beauty coloring book:
You can read all about the exhibit in this feature on Beautiful Bizarre. Here's part of Stephanie's artistic statement about the show:

Change happens whether we want it or not. It is unnerving to feel a status quo that has grown familiar and feels permanent, shift and erode under my feet. However, there is a comforting sense of continuity to know that each island of existence is not cast adrift in a void, but connected to moments before and after -- to people, to places.
When creating, I become locked in the visual instance that is before me. I often wonder what is beyond the boundaries that my painting frames. I wonder where this solitary glimpse fits into a broader context, and what would happen if I were to take it to an extreme, one frame after another, each changed but connected and part of singular existence.
Golden seams shine through the cracks of the worlds I have painted. Golden threads are webbed and tangled in the gaps. It's the stuff of raw potential that is the result when something is unraveled down to its bare essence, like a painting dissolved into paper and pigments, or a bee deconstructed down to its component shapes and forms and essence. Metamorphosis becomes an act of creation.
I play with impossibilities in Metamorph. Leaves and pearls are transformed into building blocks of Life as they melt into the forms of butterflies, which in turn extend out into their frames and flow from one piece to the next. Impossible contradictions are materialized in bone Papilio phantasma fossils. They are remnants of flying things made from the remains of swimming things in a beautiful paradox. The concept of "unraveling" itself is transformed. No longer a hopeless dismantling of the familiar and known, it is another change on a long path, and a catalyst for inspired creativity.

And then here's a sampling of the pieces that will be exhibited; the art below features "watercolor painting that I have mounted into a frame that I designed and had lasercut from wood." Aren't they wonderful?
We asked Stephanie how long the collection took to create, and she told us 6 months, "though the first seeds started gathering in my mind maybe 2 years ago. And a large portion of the 30 pieces for the show came together in the final 3 months, as the ideas gathered momentum!"
And what is she working on now?

"After the intense period of working on Metamorph, I'm in a bit of a resting and recovery period at the moment. I'm taking a moment to breathe, but even so, there are the beginnings of the next paintings in my mind. I have another solo show in December, and so now is when I start to let the first seeds of concepts play around in my head, before they take a more solid form."

If you visit Stephanie's Seattle show, be sure to take some photos and tell us all about it!

Also, tonight is the premiere of Man at Arms Art of War! We told you all about it last week and are so excited for our friends at Baltimore Knife and Sword:
Also, look at this pretty mermaid shield they made and that's in our shop:
Who doesn't need a mermaid shield in times like these?

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