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Together on the Fringe

This week on Narratively, we explore communities built off the beaten path, from a sex-positive group house in Brooklyn, to the team of free-divers decoding the language of sperm whales, to one of the nation's largest gatherings of super-serious Bigfoot enthusiasts. Plus, meet an artisan maskmaker who has the recipe for creating some of the most terrifyingly realistic celebrity replicas on Earth.

Meet the Super-Serious Sasquatch Chasers of America's Premier Bigfoot Conference

Still from the video

For these “citizen scientists” and researchers, Bigfoot is very real. So, each year they confer on more controversial questions, like how to capture the elusive creature and whether it’s ethical to kill one. [Read more on Narratively]

This Man Makes Terrifyingly Realistic Donald Trump Masks

Photos courtesy Indecline

How an unemployed artist leveraged digital sculpting software, 3-D printing and social media to create a booming business like no other. [Read more on Narratively]

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Brushing Your Teeth Should Be Better

Photo by John Huntington

A thoughtfully designed electric toothbrush (from $25), quip makes it simple to keep your mouth healthy. Timed vibrating bristles, a wireless travel-ready design, and supply refills delivered on time, make better brushing easy.

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Returning to Uganda Could Be a Death Sentence for This Gay Man. So Will America Let Him Stay?

Still from the video

When Daniel’s life became a horrifying spiral of harassment and brutality, he fled to the sanctity of the U.S. Now he waits—and waits—to learn his fate. [Read more on Narratively]

The Secret Story of the Groundbreaking Boxing Champ Who Lost His Title—Because He Was Gay

Still from the video

This Latino immigrant moved to 1920s New York with nothing and took on the sports establishment. Then the establishment took him down. [Read more on Narratively]

The Real People of Brooklyn's Sex-Positive Group House

Still from the video

Yes, there are orgies and orgasm workshops. But even more fascinating is how 14 strangers turned this brownstone into the most supportive co-living arrangement in NYC. [Read more on Narratively]

Meet the Daring Free-Diver Who Talks to Sperm Whales

Photo by Daniel Krieger

We know these giant predators communicate through thunderous clicks. James Nestor and his ragtag crew of computer coders, scientists and divers are determined to find out what they’re saying. [Read more on Narratively]

From the Story Vault: Why I’ve Always Been Silent About Israel and Palestine. And Why I’m Speaking Out Now.

Photo by Daniel Krieger

My great-great-grandparents were among the first Zionists. But once I finally started talking, I learned I’m not the only one grappling with my thoughts on the Jewish state. [Read more on Narratively]

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